SpritzBlitz Cares
The SpritzBlitz movement started with a “mom on a mission”. Drue Didier wanted a product that would help her care for her busy family of seven and that was also conscientious of the world as a whole. She created the SpritzBlitz line with the goal to make the world a better place through commitment to high quality green products and humanitarian work. Join the SpritzBlitz movement. From our family to yours – Spritz On.
We believe that the ingredient list on the products you use shouldn’t look like alphabet soup. Our simple — but powerful — formula is made of all-natural ingredients that help you stay clean while you’re on-the-go. No need to stress about the chemicals you’re exposing your family to, SpritzBlitz products contain no BPA’s and use the cleaning power of lemon and orange oil to kill germs and keep your family healthy and happy. We know that you care about your family, and we do too.
Help the World with SpritzBlitz
Our commitment to helping take care of families doesn’t stop with our children, or even your children. We believe that in order to improve the world for our children, we have to look outside ourselves. Every time you buy a SpritzBlitz product, a portion of those proceeds will go to charities that help children in need. These charities include Generations Humanitarian and OneHeart Bulgaria.
Stash SpritzBlitz Anywhere
Your life is busy. Shouldn’t you have cleaning products that can keep up? The SpritzBritz family of products were made specifically with your on-the-go needs in mind. These products were created because we saw a need in our own lives for easy and convenient cleaning products that we could use anywhere. Whether you’re taking a vacation, a picnic at the park or just headed to work, we’ve got you covered. Each convenient 2-ounce bottle can be easily slipped into any bag, purse or backpack and even carried on an airplane.  Don’t leave home without your Spritz!