BinkySpritz creator, Drue with children in Peru

BinkySpritz in Peru

We were recently fortunate enough to take a trip down to Peru with Generations Humanitarian to visit children at the Sunflower Home in Machu Picchu and help dig 1/3 of the new sewer line for the home. This sewer line will help the children at the home to have more access to fresh, clean water.

BinkySpritz Supports Generation Humanitarian

Drue Didier digging for the sewer pipe


We loved visiting with the children! They were so happy and hardworking. They worked so hard to help build the sewer line and enjoyed a delicious piece of chocolate after.

Peruvian Children love SpritzBlitz


We were able to attend a New Year’s celebration with the children while we were there. I can’t think of a better way to spend my New Year’s than helping these wonderful kids!

SpritzBlitz Celebrates New Year's in Peru


The children in this home are either orphans or come from families that can’t afford to feed them. They also sponsor programs for new mothers to give them the things they need to help care for their babies. We brought down some infant care kits and helped pass those out to the new mothers there.

A mother and her child in Peru

Newborn kits for mothers in Peru


This was such a great expedition and we’re so glad to be able to support the cause of helping children in poverty. For more information on Generations Humanitarian, go here.


More pictures from the trip:

SpritzBlitz creator, Drue and Peruvian Children Helping to dig the trench for a sewer pipe SpritzBlitz supports children in Peru