Why BinkySpritz?

The Truth About the “Five-Second Rule”


Every mom has been there. You’re enjoying a nice day at the park or doing a little shopping and your little one drops their favorite pacifier on the ground. What do you do?  Wipe it off with sanitizing wipes that contain alcohol? Dust it off and trust in the “five-second rule?” Stick it in your own mouth to get rid of the dirt and germs?

I think we all know that the five-second rule is less than sound, but a recent study at Clemson University proved it. They found that bacteria and germs have the ability to survive and be transferred to other things for long periods of time. Not only that, but they are transferred almost immediately on contact.

If you’re using your own mouth to clean a pacifier, you could be adding even more damage by transferring germs that could cause cavities or even illnesses that could seriously harm your baby.

Drue Didier, mother of five, was confronted with similar evidence while raising her own children.  She found several options to clean her children’s pacifiers and toys, but didn’t feel comfortable using any of them on a regular basis. They all left an unappealing taste, had added sugar, or were made of harsh ingredients. Not finding an alternative that she trusted, the initial idea behind BinkySpritz was launched.

Introduced in 2011, BinkySpritz is an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning spray that is made specifically with infants and children in mind. It has no sugar or dyes added, but still has a naturally sweet taste that children enjoy.

Some mothers may be thinking, “how can an all-natural product effectively clean germs?” As it turns out, nature had the answer all along. BinkySpritz contains a unique blend of natural ingredients including orange oil and lemon juice. These ingredients work together to create an acidic environment, which kills germs and prevents future germ growth.