Why SportsSpritz?

All-natural cleaning spray helps prevent germ transmission at gyms

SportsSpritz help you stay healthy and active


Salt Lake City, UT – E.Coli, Klebsiella & Staphylococcus aureus. What do these three have in common? These are all germs that can be found in your gym. To prevent contracting the illnesses these germs bring, use SportsSpritz, an on-the-go cleaning spray to wash the machines and dumbbells before and after you use them.

SportsSpritz is an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning spray that comes in a convenient 2-ounce bottle. This product uses the natural cleaning power of lemon juice and orange oil to kill germs and bacteria. Lemon juice and orange oil are both known to prohibit or clean microbial growth, even better than alkaline products.

Slip this little bottle in your gym bag and you’ll never have to worry about getting sick from the gym again.

The conditions at gyms are prefect for spreading and growing germs.Think about the moist showers and sauna, the floors and benches and the communal drinking fountain. Add to that sweat and exposed skin and you have a recipe for spreading germs.

Besides cleaning your hands, the machine you’re using and the water fountain before and after use, there are some other precautions you can take to make sure that you don’t get sick.

  • Wear flip flops in the locker room and showers
  • Sit on a clean towel in the locker room and not directly on the bench
  • Clean the mat before you use it or better yet, bring your own
  • Don’t touch your face. This can transmit germs from your hands to your eyes, nose and mouth.

SportsSpritz is available in a convenient 2-ounce spray bottle that can easily be tucked into a backpack, purse, briefcase, or diaper bag for ready use. For more information about SportsSpritz and the SpritzBritz family of “green” cleaning products, go to www.spritzblitz.com.


About Us

SportsSpritz is an all-natural, on-the-go cleaning product that uses the natural power of lemon to kill germs and bacteria. As a part of the SpritzBlitz cleaning family, this product is non-toxic (no-BPAs), alcohol free and contains no added sugar.  The other products in the SpritzBritz family include; HandSpritz, SportsSpritz, TravelSpritz, BinkySpritz and YogaSpritz. Visit www.spritzblitz.com for more information.